Militia Pay Record Under Stevens 1747-1748

Research into history is never a straight forward endeavor.  No, research seems to follow a path more akin to a tangled, messy pile that you pick up in the morning after the cats have gotten into a bag of yarn!   A document is found here, it leads to and touches another document.  The second document probably isn’t of the same time frame, or on the same topic as the first document.  And so on until … ah-ha! Continue reading “Militia Pay Record Under Stevens 1747-1748”

New Life for an Old Loom

With Guest Blogger Tom G.

"Barn Loom"
Loom as set up in the museum store. Waiting patiently for a forever home.

Little did my wife and I plan on a project when we went to visit the Fort at No. 4 in July of 2018. We had been meaning to visit and we were finally going to make the trip from Enfield, NH, for a visit.

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