Our Mascots

Every facility needs a mascot, so in August of 2018, Hollis and Caroline joined the staff at the Fort at No. 4. They resided briefly at the Humane Society after a feral life, and now earn their living as 18th century pest control.


Caroline was 3 years old when she arrived here, and is still a bit feral. Although we were told she would always be feral, she does come out now to observe what is going on in the gift shop. She may not be tame yet, and may never be, but she seems to have accepted the museum gift shop as her home.


Believed to be a mix that includes Norwegian Forest Cat, Hollis came to us at the tender estimated age of 6 months. Although she is still wary of new people, she is now mostly tame, and can often be found lounging on the counter or in a chair. If she is in a good mood, she may let you pet her.

You can follow Hollis and Caroline's antics on Instagram.

Want to support our beloved felines? You can make a donation to help offset the costs of their food, litter and annual vet visits.