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Read how Massachusetts Historical Society Director William Fowler places the event in its European context and calls it the “First World War” in his latest research It’s the 250th Anniversary of the French & Indian War: Should We Care?


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Educator Curriculum Resources

These resource pages are designed to help integrate significant historical events into your curriculum:

  • Become familiar with classroom lessons on a variety of Colonial topics
  • Use ready made interdisciplinary activities for students
  • Learn about resources and numerous primary source documents available in print and on the web for use in the classroom
  • Special focus is given to New Hampshire specific primary source documents, people, places and events

It's the 250th Anniversary of the French & Indian War (1754-1763)!

Many historians argue that this was the war that made America, as it:

  • Forged an American identity
  • Gave invaluable experience to future American leaders such as George Washington, John Stark and Benjamin Franklin
  • Removed the French from North America
  • Fueled the desire for westward expansion of colonial settlers
  • Set the stage for the American Revolution
  • More information on The War That Made America website

This curriculum resource will serve as a tool box for educators that includes downloadable classroom based lessons organized by:

  • Essential Questions
  • Instructional Objectives
  • Introductory Activity
  • Instructional Procedure
  • Assessment

Additional information and variations are also available:

  • Rationale and Background
  • Connection to the Framework Proficiencies
  • Instructional Resources or Materials
  • Curriculum Modifications/Extension

Planning a Field Trip to the Fort?
Before visiting the Fort with your class, prepare for the field trip using the following lesson plans.

In this pre-visit lesson for grades 4 - 6, students:
  • Prepare for a visit to Fort at No. 4 by learning about 18th century occupations
  • Compare and contrast jobs today with those of the colonial period
  • Develop their reading comprehension ability
  • Practice small group discussion skills
In this pre-visit lesson for grades 7 - 8, students:
  • Prepare for a visit to Fort at No. 4 by learning key events and people in its history
  • Learn how the history of Fort at No. 4 connects to larger issues in United States history
  • Develop reading comprehension skills
  • Practice their small group skills such as collaboration, listening and eye contact
When you've completed your visit, review with this post visit activity.

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