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Fort at No. 4 News

June 15 , 2010
Fort at No. 4 Announces Electron of treasurer

CHARLESTOWN, New Hampshire ---Today, the Board of Trustees for Old Fort No. 4 Associates announced Erron Carey has been elected Treasurer. 

The election of Carey brings another member to the team dedicated to a full reopening of the Fort by next spring.  The Fort is presently undergoing repairs and preparing for some summer and fall events, as well as opening the gift and book store.  Carey is a 29 year veteran of the Banking Industry, and has served two terms in the Vermont House of Representatives.  Over the past 30 years Carey has held positions on numerous boards and is currently the Chair of the Board of the Trustees for Public Funds for Chester and serves on the Boards of the Chester-Andover Family Center, the Community Cares Network of Chester and the Andover Valley Health Connections.  In 2005 and 2006 Carey served as Worthy Grand Matron for the State of Vermont Order of the Eastern Star.  Carey stated “I am looking forward to being part of the team that will see Old Fort No. 4 reopen.  It is Important that the historical education the Fort provides as a living history museum not be lost to the region.”  She went on to say, “The Fort continues to need broad community support in the form of volunteers, materials for repairs and donations, as well as moral support.” 

Carey and her husband live in Chester, Vermont



May 27 , 2010
Fort at No. 4 Announces Appoint of New director

CHARLESTOWN, New Hampshire---Today the Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Wendalyn Baker as Director of Old Fort at No. 4. 

Baker brings to the Fort more than 25 years of management experience.  The Board believes her diversity of experience in education, resort development and operations, open land management and construction management will be a valuable asset in bringing the Fort from its closed status to the vibrant living history museum it once was.  A majority of Baker’s experience has been in start-up and continuing operations.  Baker was an instructor with the Women’s Small Business Program through several cycles and had worked as an adjunct instructor within the Department of Business and Economics at Trinity College of Vermont.

Baker’s undergraduate degree is from Trinity College of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont.  She earned her Master’s in History from the University of Vermont.

Baker and her husband live in Andover, Vermont.


April 28, 2010
Masons Lend a Hand to Fort at No. 4

CHARLESTOWN, New Hampshire -- The Board of Directors for the Fort at No. 4 today announced Olive Branch Lodge #64 (Chester, VT) will be assisting in efforts to reopen the living history museum in Charlestown, NH. 

Due to economic pressures, the Fort at No. 4, a living history museum and historical education center, did not open for operation in 2009 and has not opened for 2010.  The Board of Directors has struggled during this time to garner the resources necessary to reopen the Fort.  The Board was approached by Olive Branch Lodge # 64 of Chester, VT offering to help.  After in depth consideration the Fort’s Board reached an agreement with Olive Branch to accept their assistance.  “The Fort at No.4 has been an important historical education center within the Connecticut River Valley,” said Olive Branch Lodge Secretary Donald Webster.  “We did not want to see the Fort remain closed and add to the threatened loss of colonial and early American historical centers.”  Fund raising, marketing and volunteers will be a large part of the Lodge’s efforts.  Webster continued, “We will be looking to other lodges throughout the region to join Olive Branch Lodge in support for the Fort.” With this in mind discussions are already underway with representatives of Faithful Masonic Lodge #12 in Charlestown.

Councilor Raymond Burton, New Hampshire Executive Council Representative for District I, understands both the difficulties the Fort at No. 4 has faced, and the opportunities the Masons bring to the Fort.  Burton stated, “The Fort at No. 4 will continue to be a place and source of information for all ages far and wide because of the Masons of New Hampshire and Vermont.  This new effort will preserve for the future a valuable piece of New England History.  I will do whatever I can to support and enhance this project.”

The Board emphasized that there will be a need, in addition to the Masonic help, for the support of the community to reopen the Fort.  The Board will make every effort to continue to work with the greater community of Charlestown to return the Fort to the vibrant life it once displayed.  Early American Historical Education will remain the focus of the Fort.

New Board member and noted historian who directed Fort Ticonderoga for 20 years, Nicholas Westbrook commented, “During desperate decades in the middle of the 18th century, the Fort at No. 4 protected the northern frontier of New England.  For the past 50 years, the Fort has been a vital center for telling that story.  Our 18th-century ancestors placed that responsibility in the hands of ‘posterity.’  That would be us, each of us today.  So I applaud the visionary commitment of the Masons to the larger community for this renewed effort to keep alive the story of America’s colonial beginnings.”

Board member Thomas Johnston, IV, Masonic Grand Master for Vermont, noting that the first Masonic Lodge for Vermont was chartered in Charlestown during 1781, stated, "We congratulate the masons of Vermont and New Hampshire for taking the lead to revitalize and maintain the museum at Fort No. 4.  For centuries Masons have worked to preserve an accurate record of our nation's history so it is only fitting that Vermont and New Hampshire Masons will join together to help preserve this notable piece of our past."

  “This is very exciting,” said Jeff Kibbe.  “As a Board member, and a member of Olive Branch Lodge, I know the energy and commitment to community the Masons bring to the Fort.  Masons have been involved with the Fort at No. 4 since its first construction back in the 1740s.  And as a living historian I am really excited with the prospect of reopening the Fort.”

The Board intends to host events at the Fort this summer while preparing for a full reopening of the Fort at No. 4 in the spring of 2011.  Additional details of the Fort’s plans and progress will be released in the near future.


Charlestown, NH October 3, 2009

The Fort at No. 4 in Charlestown, NH, a well-known regional landmark began today, a long arduous journey leading to its future re-opening. The Fort, a reconstruction of the colonial-era Fort, which guarded the north-westernmost expansion of English settlements during the period 1740 – 1760, and more recently a Living History Museum beloved by generations of New England school children, is located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Charlestown, NH. The Fort did not open in 2009 as the result of financial reverses both in its own situation, and in reflection of the broader economic downturn affecting the nation.

On Saturday, October 3rd, the Trustees of the Fort, joined by representatives of the regional community, Town of Charlestown, members and supporters, and representatives of other local non-profit organizations met to discuss the Fort’s future, most specifically its longed for re-opening. The planning session was held at the Student Conservation Association in Charlestown.

The meeting was facilitated by Marty Jacobs, President of Systems inSYNC, a strategic planning, and consulting firm for nonprofits, education and government, of Thetford, VT (www.systemsinsync.com). During the day long session, attendees assessed the current reality of the Fort, its current strengths and challenges, analyzed the root causes of the current closure, and identified critical leverage points to advance the Fort’s re-opening.

The committed supporters of the Fort developed a number of Action Steps, and organized themselves into several Action Groups, which will be developed and expanded; with the mission of creating the necessary climate for the Fort’s reopening, and long-term sustainability. Subsequent meetings are planned, and the input and skills of the regional community are earnestly sought.

To assist with the Fort’s re-opening or for additional information, email info@fortat4.com.

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