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Our reconstruction of Plantation No. 4 (now Charlestown, NH) is dedicated to bringing the history of the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River to life through engaging reenactments, educational activities, and one-of-a-kind historical experiences.

Township Number 4 was the northernmost and westernmost town within the British Colonies in North America from 1735 until 1760.


Due to its location at the edge of the woods, bordered by the Connecticut River and the dedication of its townspeople, Number 4 held a distinctive position in the Colonies as well as an unique relationship with north-eastern Amerindian peoples.

Our open-air history museum is dedicated to sharing the rich heritage of the Upper Valley. We strive to share the complexities of history and demonstrate how the area’s varied inhabitants left an enduring influence on the region.

Founded in 1947, our open air museum and historic site continues to delight visitors of all ages who wish to step back in time and experience life as it was during the Colonial Era. Our grounds faithfully recreate the details of the original structures that existed at the Fort at No. 4 and our volunteer reenactors bring the story to life through engaging demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and informative lectures.


Our Mission

The Fort at No. 4 Open-Air Museum is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to creating a greater understanding of the multi-ethnic, multi-layered, rich history of the 18th century. To that end the museum employs static displays, living history, reenactment activities, classes/workshops, tours, presentations, and special events. With a better understanding of past actions, attitudes, and norms of behavior, one is able to make better informed decision about current and future issues.

Our Mission:

To engage visitors in the exploration of the rich history of the Connecticut River Valley. To reach a wide audience through our dynamic, interactive programming, preservation efforts, and broad outreach. We believe that a deeper understanding of our past celebrates and builds better communities.

The Fort at No. 4 Open-Air Museum and Historic Landmark is supported through donations, grants, museum admissions, Friends of the Fort Memberships, fundraising activities, and the generosity of our volunteers.

Board of Trustees

Old Fort No. 4 Associates, Inc. Board of Trustees

The Fort at No. 4 is a private, non-profit museum our board and officers are:


Albert St. Pierre, Charlestown, NH

Vice Chairman

Bill McKane, Charlestown, NH


Lynne Fiske, Charlestown, NH


Alissa Bascom, Charlestown, NH


Marc Curran, Chester, VT
Thomas Amsden, Chester, VT

Executive Director


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